Bromley Window Wanderland 2020

Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd February 5:00pm - 9:30pm

After over 100 fantastic displays in 2019, Window Wanderland will be returning to Bromley for its fourth year and we can’t wait for you to take part! Joining the fun is absolutely FREE and everyone is welcome. Windows in homes all around Bromley will be decorated and light up on Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd February 2020 5:30 – 9:30pm.

Everyone is welcome to take part, your display can be anything at all, and it won’t cost a penny to join. In the words of Lucy Reeves, the brains behind Window Wanderland:

“…merely opening your curtains and leaving the lights on is, in itself, a display. Putting your fairy lights back up, hanging up a favourite dress you never get to wear, leaving a book on the table, or your favourite film on the TV, your cat on the sofa. All of these tell a story and people looking into these windows will start conversations, create connections, and this is what Window Wanderland is about.”

On the nights, everyone is welcome to walk around the neighbourhood to enjoy our very own street exhibition. Download the online map and head outside and see something completely different!

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